At USA Martial Arts, the Korean art of tae-kwon-do and the Japanese art of karate-do are essentially taught together. Both arts stem from the same basic origins in China, but due to the influence of other martial arts and philosophies within Japan and Korea, these two evolved somewhat differently. Both arts incorporate strong kicking and punching techniques; tae-kwon-do training puts more emphasis on kicking and karate-do puts more emphasis on hand techniques.

Our style of tae-kwon-do karate, taught by Sensei Donnelly, brings out the best qualities in both arts. Sensei Donnelly trained with Master Jung Moon Lee in the art of tae-kwon-do. Master Lee trained directly under both General Choi Hong Hi (the father of tae-kwon-do) and Jhoon Rhee, (the father of United States tae-kwon-do).

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